Crest Whitening Emulsions With Wand Applicator Is a Great At-Home Teeth Whitener | Review, Photos

Plus, as Michaela Tozzi, Las Vegas-based board-certified doctor of dental medicine tells Allure, the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide is lessened when it comes into contact with saliva. “It dilutes the hydrogen peroxide making it less effective the longer it is in the person’s mouth,” Tozzi notes, though she does say the product also contains petrolatum, which “helps prevent the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide in the mouth, therefore providing better whitening results.”

My first application was at night, before brushing my teeth. I squeezed out quite a bit of the emulsion onto the wand and slathered it all over my teeth. I waited about two minutes, smiling the whole time to make sure that the goo dried a little bit, as the instructions suggest. I wasn’t entirely clear as to whether or not I should wash out the rest of the emulsion (yes, even though this is a leave-on emulsion. Leave-on for how long? What about my saliva getting all over it? I couldn’t help but wonder), so this time I did — I just brushed my teeth a few minutes after application.

Then and there, I saw an extremely minor difference, but I believe that was because I decided to brush my teeth right after using it. I was determined to see more of a difference the next day. I drank a giant cup of coffee the next morning and was ready to see some real results. I went back to my bathroom, applied a medium-thick layer of the emulsion, and waited three minutes. This time, I didn’t wash out my mouth. In half an hour, I must say I didn’t see a big difference, however, my teeth appeared to be ever-so-slightly brighter than before. I’m talking very slightly — dost mine eyes deceive me?-level — which was a clue to me that I needed to use this a few more times in order to see some real results. 

Again, given that this was made to be used up to four times a day, the levels of the active whitening ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, have to be very low. Think you may be super sensitive to the chemical? “Things to watch out for are chemical burns on your gums (white gums) and sensitive teeth,” says Tozzi. “If this happens, I would recommend discontinuing or reducing how many times a day/week this product is being used.”

The good thing about this product is that it didn’t irritate my teeth when I used it, and that is possibly why the change was so slight. This stuff is supposed to gradually whiten over time, even though it touts its effects for “last-minute” whitening needs. I wouldn’t be too quick to stash this in your purse if you’re headed to a wine bar. I’d say keep it in your bathroom cabinet as another step of your oral hygiene routine. It’s a great way for those with more sensitive teeth (and a little bit of patience) to achieve a degree of whitening.

At $60, it’s pricey and it is a commitment — don’t expect instant results because you will be sorely disappointed. Take care, take time, have faith, and in a few weeks, you should be able to notice a brighter smile. 

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Crest Whitening Emulsions With Wand Applicatoor

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