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Apple’s California Streaming Event started with an announcement regarding Apple TV+ and its upcoming lineup of shows, and a device some of you probably use to consume that content — the iPad — was the next item on the itinerary. The 9th Generation of iPad and an all-new iPad mini (iPad mini 6, if you’re wondering about the iteration). While the changes made to the traditional iPad are akin to a refresh, the smaller tablet has undergone an overhaul, placing it alongside the iPad Air and iPad Pro devices.

So with this piece, we will be going over everything new with the iPad mini to help answer any questions you may have about the device, especially if you’re planning on buying one this year.

Please Note: Amongst other hardware announcements, we also got to see the all-new iPhone 13 series, which includes the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the standard iPhone 13, and the compact iPhone 13 Mini. To learn more about these, click or tap on the linked product names.

Pricing and Availability

The iPad mini 6 has been available for pre-orders from 14th September, with deliveries and in-store availability starting from the 24th. It sells in two variants — WiFi and WiFi + Cellular, and two storage options, 64GB or 256GB.

We have listed the exact pricing for the models in the table below.

Storage Price

WiFi 64GB


WiFi 256GB


WiFi + Cellular 64GB


WiFi + Cellular 256GB


    The all-new iPad mini features a massive redesign, bringing it in line with the looks of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. It packs the A15 Bionic, features support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, has Touch ID built into its power button, and to top it off, implements a USB-C port for wired connectivity.


ipad mini 6 all colors

The new compact tablet will be available in four color options, the standard Space Grey, Pink, Starlight, a Gold-tone, and Purple.

In the last couple of years, Apple has added several color options to products across its lineups, and the iPad Air (4th Gen) brought pastel shades to the tablets, a first for the iPad. So, while the iPad mini doesn’t have as many options, the addition of Pink or Purple, apart from the standard Space Grey, might be a welcome decision for some.


ipad mini redesign

The primary change brought by the iPad mini redesign is the new 8.3 inch Liquid Retina display. While not as edge-to-edge as Apple may like you to think it is, the change is still a welcome one and brings an air of modernity to the tablet. The display is within an aluminum chassis, with a Touch ID-capable power button, volume rockers, speaker grille along the top, a connection point for the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil on the right-hand side, another set of speaker grilles, and a USB-C port along the bottom. The speakers combine to make a stereo pair when the iPad mini is in landscape orientation.

Powering the device is Apple’s all-new A15 Bionic, although benchmarks show it’s an underclocked version of the silicon. Reports say you might see 2% to 8% lower levels of performance when compared to the A15 found in the iPhone 13. While some may consider this inexcusable and the reasons for the decision are unknown, noticing this change in day-to-day scenarios might be difficult. Also, Apple claims the iPad mini flaunts an 80% performance improvement over the previous Generation.

ipad mini 6 rear camera

With that, let’s focus on camera optics. While the rear camera on tablets is not likely to be used as often, Apple is shipping a 12MP Wide camera (with Quad-LED flash), Smart HDR 3 and up to 5x Digital zoom, meaning it will have more than acceptable performance for capturing moments or documents. But what’s more important here is the front camera, which now uses a 12MP Ultra Wide sensor with a 122-degree field of view. It adds the capability to use Centre Stage, a software-based feature that aims to keep the subject centered in a frame as they move around in the camera’s view.

Powering all this hardware is a 19.3 watt-hour rechargeable battery, which like all other iPads, promises 10 hours of surfing the web on WiFi or watching videos.


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