Microcurrent Devices Worth Your Money

You already know that a solid exercise routine can help tighten and tone your body. Well, the same may just hold true for your face. We’re talking about the ever-trendy microcurrent devices, also known as facial toning devices. They claim to offer a “workout” or “instant facelift” by lifting and firming your face in as little as five minutes. They accomplish such a feat via low-voltage electricity that stimulates muscles and collagen.

While microcurrent therapy used to be reserved for professional use, there are a slew of at-home devices on the market these days. Many clock in at $300 or more. Do these pricey gadgets actually work, though? The short answer is yes, according to board certified dermatologist Dr. Anna Chacon. But you need to keep your expectations in check.

“They cannot and do not replace more powerful treatments or invasive procedures that can remediate sagging skin,” she explains. “They unfortunately aren’t strong enough to create miracles, however if it is done consistently, they will help your skin appear more lifted and rejuvenated.”

Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and author of The Pro-Aging Playbook Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank agrees. “It helps to quickly but temporarily lift and tighten skin,” he says. “It is painless and may help with minimal collagen production.”

Although if you have sensitive skin, are eczema- or rosacea-prone, are pregnant or have a pacemaker, you should steer clear of these devices altogether advises Frank. And you should always apply a gel primer or serum before using a device. That way you’ll avoid discomfort during treatment.

The bottom line? At-home microcurrent devices can give your face a slightly more sculpted look temporarily. Just as long as you stick to a consistent routine. Want to try one for yourself? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the most highly rated at-home microcurrent devices on the market right now.

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